June 3, 2009

Lake Billy Chinook

Last weekend I went camping with my parents, my aunt and uncle, jodi, katy, and brandon! We went swimming, read a lot, played games, grubbed out and laughed around the camp fire! It was a blast!

On Friday morning I woke up early to the sound of my uncle mike and my dad getting ready to go fishing. I stepped outside the tent with my new f
ound bandana (a cut-off leg of my shorts) and my 70's sunglasses I bought for $7.99 at the Culver bait and video store..nice combo eh?! So we ate some breakfast, pretended to be quiet as to not wake the others (It was 5:30 am), and set off on our adventure. Oh but first, my uncle turned to the sun rise and said "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." You'll see why that's important later!

Here's the view from the back of our campsite, you can see the red sun rise coming up over the ridge.

So we get out on the lake and there's not a soul in sight. We started to wonder if we were missing something or that others knew something we didn't. The water was smooth, the morning was beautiful and we could see the fish jumping out of the water, taunting us, begging us to come catch them. We set out to let down our crawdad traps first and in the process lost a trap because the milk jug that was supposed to stay afloat had a hole we didn't know about. My uncle mike decided to drag the bottom of the lake with a treble hook in hopes of getting the trap back. He's standing in the front of the boat with his fishing pole and his bail locked up, forcing the pole from his hands to it's slow decent into the lake...BUT have no fear..my uncle apparently has reflexes like a cat and the speed of a mongoose. He lurched forward almost jumping into the water to get his pole. He jerks to a standing position with his pole held high to show that he saved it from a near drowning..his fleece was soaked from wrist to elbow. We decided our time was up so we went on to fish..and throughout the next 3 hours or so we lounged in the boat in hopes of catching our dinner. We caught 2 small fish and in the process almost lost some fancy hooks, and my uncle almost went overboard one more time! It was crazy! We laughed at our mishaps and my abs were definitely sore the next day!

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