November 20, 2010

Rita and Steve's Wedding

In mid-October I went down to Sedona, Arizona for Rita's wedding. For those of you who don't know who Rita is, she was my roomie for about a year and a half in Portland. One of the original SoeBro ladies! I was so excited to be at her wedding because I hadn't seen her since she moved to Texas. (side note: all my exes live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee). Anyways. We went out for pedicures, manicures, massages, the works! It was so relaxing! A real girls weekend..well until she got hitched to a boy at the end! I ended up being her hair dresser, photographer and a bridesmaid! It was the first time I have ever taken pictures from the front as a bridesmaid! She didn't mind and the groom had no idea I was even taking pictures while standing two feet away! I pat myself on the back for that one! It was a fantastic weekend filled with new friends, old friends, laughter, dancing and wedded bliss! Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure!